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This name hides another local service for making payments. We emphasize that POLi is not a payment system, but a service that acts as an intermediary between the client and his bank account. Allows you to quickly and with high security send money from your account in any direction.

In addition to buying goods online, it can also be used to buy credits in a casino. The head office is located in Melbourne, Australia, the service is focused on working with clients from Australia and New Zealand. The client base includes over 30 million people. It has been operating since 1999, and the company is British, it was founded in London.

Unlike classic payment systems, there is no internal wallet where you can store money. Instead, you are offered to use POLi to quickly transfer money from your bank account to the seller's account. The main advantage of this solution is security, data is not entered anywhere except the POLi website.

The site is only available in English. The geography of work is limited mainly to the countries of the Pacific region for the reason that partner banks operate mainly in that part of the world. It affects the popularity of the payment system and the fact that the site is available only in English.

It is noteworthy that the buyer does not pay a penny for using the POLi service. What was the amount in the online store, it remains so when paying.

Strengths and weaknesses of using POLi when depositing at a casino

Among the advantages it is worth highlighting:

  • maximum security level;
  • no need to register on the service website. To make a payment, you only need to have a bank account. Only owners of online stores, casinos, etc. need to register to add this payment option to their website and view statistics;
  • no commissions;
  • speed, anonymity of payments. The seller will record only the fact of receipt of money, he will not know your data.

According to the shortcomings, everything is also standard:

  • only in one region it is convenient to use this service. If you are not in Australia, New Zealand and you do not have an account with a partner bank of the payment service. 18 local banks work with POLi;
  • no support for currencies other than New Zealand and Australian dollars. When paying for purchases or services in dollars, euros, local currency, you will lose a small percentage on conversion;
  • you cannot withdraw money from a casino account via POLi, the method works only in one direction;
  • comparatively a small number of casinos support this deposit method. The service is mainly used to pay for online purchases by local residents of these countries.

There are no revolutionary proposals from POLi. It's just a good regional payment service.

How to fund your online casino account with POLi

In our database, a search returns 33 online casinos that support this service. In fact, some of them do not support it. So we recommend that before replenishing the account, check with technical support whether such a possibility actually exists.

To replenish an account:

  • choose the appropriate method from the list of available ones;
  • enter the payment amount;
  • after clicking the "Pay" button, the client is redirected to the payment service website. Here you will only need to enter the login and password from your account in the Internet bank and confirm the payment.

Money instantly goes to the account of the seller. In the case of a casino, within a few seconds after the completion of the transaction, the money will be in your account, and you can continue to play.


The POLi payment service is really convenient and ensures the fulfillment of all the goals declared by the developer. The only problem is that it can only be used in Australia and New Zealand, which is precisely what makes it impossible to recommend it for use. You simply won't be able to use it if you don't visit these countries in the Pacific region. Collapse

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